An informal meetup of information security professionals in Ann Arbor. Unlike other meetups, you will not be expected to pay dues, "join up", or present a zero-day exploit to attend.


ARBSEC 51 will be held at Bar Louie, 401 E. Liberty St.


ARBSEC is the first Wednesday of every month. ARBSEC 51 is November 5 at 6:00 PM. We'll stay until people get tired of hanging out. We're guessing 2-3 hours.


We know about ISSA, SEMiSLUG, and SUMIT. Not casual enough. We don't want to hang out in conference rooms. Just a chance to meet other security folks without sitting through a sales pitch.

Contact Us

There is a mailing list: <announce at arbsec.org>.
To subscribe, email <zach at arbsec.org>.

Twitter: @arbsec
IRC: #arbsec on Freenode