ARBSEC is a CitySec-style meetup of information security professionals in Ann Arbor. ARBSEC meets to discuss topics of interest in a non-work, non-vendor setting.


ARBSEC's current venue is The Bar at 327 Braun Court


ARBSEC is (typically) the first Wednesday of every month. The next ARBSEC is March 4 at 6:00 PM. We'll stay until people get tired of hanging out. We're guessing 2-3 hours.


We know about ISSA, SEMiSLUG, and SUMIT. Not casual enough. We don't want to hang out in conference rooms. Just a chance to meet other security folks without sitting through a sales pitch.

CitySec meetups are like any other professional society meeting, except:
  • There's no professional society
  • There's no membership
  • There are no dues
  • There's no cover charge
  • There's no corporate sponsorship
  • There are no vendor pitches
  • There's no requirement to RSVP
  • There's no fixed agenda
  • They're publicly announced and open to all

Contact Us

Twitter (most announcments are here): @arbsec
Facebook: Facebook Page
Slack: https://arbsec.slack.com/
(self-invite link)